Putting down roots in 2001, Killarney VTOS moved into its present premises at Ivy House. Initially, occupying one floor. However, with an increase in student numbers and greater demand for space, it was eventually decided to acquire the entire building which was completely refurbished in 2011. Now on our 20th anniversary, we can accommodate up to 70 adult learners, in addition to the leaving certificate programme. We now offer 2 accredited VETAC course, which are employment skills and information and communication technology skills.

Ann Nagle- testimonialI want to take a moment of your time tonight to discuss my personal experience at Killarney VTOS. I won’t lie to you all. It was a rocky road, but a memorable one.
I remember well packing myself off to school that first day with my shining new biros, my spanking new school bag. Let me tell you it was an unusual experience at best, given I have done the same for my four daughters, over the last 20 years.
My first class was Geography and it was, in itself, a baptism of fire. Anyone tonight, who knows Mary Harrington, is well aware of her enthusiasm and love for teaching. Which in translation, means, she talks a mile a minute because she is so excited about crops in France and all…  Now! Try keeping up with that note taking? Poor Euge couldn’t even hold his pipe at the break his hand was so sore. Aptly, she earned the name Jack Hammer.  She even went as far as to teach me, all by my little self, a triple history.  Mary O Connor even took pity on me and told her to let me have a much needed cup of tea. And let me tell you, Mary O Connor takes pity on no one when it comes to education.
Maths class was another shock for me.  I mean who knew x + y = 7? I thought it equalled a son! Letters belong in the English class, or at least that is what I ranted for several hours, while dancing on my text book, with my husband looking on thinking that his wife was losing her mind.
But sometimes, I think in the end, I confused Mary, more than she confused me. As she looked on, pen in mouth, at my off the wall interpretation of what I understood.  Thankfully, despite the silliness of my questions, Mary was nothing but tactful in letting me down easy. 

Though Kathleen taught me that a computer was no just a piece of pretty looking furniture; what I remember most fondly wasn’t the Word Documents or Email accounts, it was her infectious laugh.  Even on the most stressful of days, Kathleen’s laugh would brighten anyone’s day.
Business with Dorothy, what can I say? We flew through it! There wasn’t a topic in business that she couldn’t relate back to Michael O Leary or Ryan Air.  Always equipped with another newspaper clipping, her love for the man knew no bounds.
Lillian teaching English was like someone weaving magic, we were all enthralled. But I’m sorry Lillian. I draw the line at Macbeth.  Macduff didn’t need to plot any revolution; I would have killed him myself for free. 
Lillian had many idiosyncrasies! (Bet you’re proud of MY vocabulary!) We even had bets going on who could make her frown, how many times she would put her hair behind her ears or which direction she would move her chair.  Always a nice earner!
After the tyranny of Macbeth, we finally got our revenge. In the final week of school, Euge convince her he wasn’t going to sit English at all and we all pretended to mix up all the texts.  And she looked so devastated in the end; we really couldn’t keep it up for long.
After 25 years out of education, facing school was intimidating and nerve wrecking but with the help of all the teachers and staff, Tara, I sat down in front on my leaving certificate papers an able and confident individual.  The skills and knowledge I learned there, gave me an unbelievable foundation for my college experience. For that, I am truly grateful.
It being the 20th anniversary tonight, I really want to highlight what sets Killarney VTOS apart from other educational institutions and that would be the people.  The people working at Killarney VTOS have dedication, heart and enthusiasm and not just for their job or their subject, but for the people in front of them year in year out. 
They are committed to developing the person, building their confidence and helping them to progress and achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves. It wasn’t just all about grades. 
It isn’t a surprise to me that Killarney VTOS took over the building and I can only hope that the 70 students they cater for every year get half as much from the experience that I did.
At this particular time, I would like to mention a fellow classmate, Tom, who passed away tragically and will be remembered fondly.

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