This module allows learners to learn from meaningful and active involvement in the Work Environment.
It involves:    Preparing and planning for work
Working under supervision outside the learning centre
Reviewing and evaluating that work
During work experience, learners also work on developing Personal, Interpersonal and Work Skills and explore Work opportunities.


MATHS – Level 4

This is a very practical programme with the emphasis on the maths we use in everyday life.  For example, interest on savings, wages, travelling abroad, DIY calculations etc.

The six modules are: Finance, Algebra, Data Handling, Data Research, Co-ordinate Geometry, Geometry

There is a research project included in the course.  Students divide into small groups and carry our research.  They then use the computer to present the report, using the charts/graphics available on the computer.



Areas covered in Payroll:
•    Explains the PAYE tax system
•    How to calculate Gross Pay
•    The Tax Credit System
•    Cumulative Tax System and PRSI
•    Emergency and Temporary Tax System
•    Tax Return Forms – ie P30, P45, P60, P35L and P35
•    Taxation and the Treatment of Married Couples
•    Effects of the Budget on take home pay



The module covers Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Non-Verbal and Visual communication.  Communication skills are highly valued in the workplace, but this module extends beyond exclusively vocational needs, recognising that the acquisition of these skills is a life-long process and central to personal, social and professional development and fulfilment.



The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills, and competence to produce a range of documents containing text and graphic images from design briefing to printing using a desktop publishing system.

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